Where Your Money Goes

Your tax-deductible financial contribution helps Pyramid CDC programs and it places technology into the hands of people like Rochelle. Rochelle is a high school student who never had a computer at home. Every one of her school assignments was painstakingly typed onto her smartphone. When asked the first thing she was going to do with her S.M.A.R.T Net computer, she responded without hesitation: “Write my report for class!”

In addition to creating access to technology, your contributions help to fund our community education, technical support, and volunteer programs. Even small donations can go a long way in getting technology and technical education to someone who needs it.


Up to $25.00 Thank you card and a gift of Chocolates.

Up to $50.00 Thank you card and a S.M.AR.T. Net T-shirt.

Up to $100.00 Thank you card and a S.M.AR.T. Net T-shirt and Hat.

Up to $500.00*  Thank you card and a S.M.AR.T. Net T-shirt, Hat and S.M.A.R.T. Net socks.

Up to $1,00.00*  Thank you card and a S.M.AR.T. Net T-shirt, Hat and S.M.A.R.T. Net socks.

Silver Ladder Club – over $1,000*.
Receive a SILVER LADDER LAPEL PIN, Thank you card and a S.M.AR.T. Net T-shirt, Hat and S.M.A.R.T. Net socks.

Gold Ladder Club – over $5,000*.
Receive a GOLD LADDER LAPEL PIN, Thank you card and a S.M.AR.T. Net T-shirt, Hat and S.M.A.R.T. Net socks.

Sponsors will receive Social, Print and/or Digital Media Recognition depending on the level donated over 


The level of exposure will be based upon the level of donation(s).

Pyramid CDC receives donation through the following Programs:

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In the 21st century, access to computers and the Internet has become essential to all aspects of life. Without it, full participation in nearly every aspect of American society is compromised.

Program Sponsorship:

​Pyramid CDC offers Computer Technology and Entrepreneurship Readiness Programs to both the Linden community and its Vicinities.  Individuals who need assistance improving their Digital Literacy, even those living outside of Linden, can participate in our Computer Technology Training Courses.  

​Recycle Computers Equipment:

We would like to become the recipient of both your home and work recycleable computers.  If you have a computer, monitor, key board and/or mouse less than 7 years old, we can Refurnish to donate to a needy individual or family.  The technology donations you make to Pyramid CDC are tax-deductible and go right back to impacting the community and changing lives.

On top of our commitment to sustainable reuse of technology, we are fully dedicated to maintaining the security of your data. We take the utmost care to ensure complete data destruction on every single data-bearing device we receive.

Corporate Sponsors:

Assisting Pyramid CDC, S.M.A.R.T. Net and The Op! store with various Corporate Sponsors helps us grow the Diversity and Inclusion into the Information Technology Field, it provides access to good and services, along with building new Economic growth within the Linden community and it’s Vicinities.

The Op! Store Sponsorship
Donors giving resources to assist with merchandise purchases would assist The Op! Store maintain its quality merchandise to raise money for our S.M.A.R.T. Net programming.​​