Becoming an Entrepreneur is a Mindset driven by a Vision and one's willingness to accept change.​......Pyramid CDC

Pyramid CDC training and network opportunities will consist of sessions stemming from:

- Computer Literacy,

- Entrepreneurship,

- Workforce Development, 
- Financial Literacy,

- Photography,
​- News & Media,

- Retail Management,

- Business Technologies to save you time and money!

Linda Nelson, (left) Pyramid CDC Board Member, conducting Linden History meeting with community residents.  

Ambrose Moses, III, (right) Pyramid CDC Board Chair, teaching Entrepreneurial Education to new business owners.  

Pastor Carl Lee, (Right) Pyramid CDC Board Member, and South Linden Area Smart City Liaison, attending SmartCity community meetings.  

Mobilizing Ladders of Opportunities in Linden!

Pyramid CDC Board Members have been serving the Linden Community and surrounding underserved communities for over 20 years.  

Pyramid CDC conducted and collaborates with Business Executives to provide training opportunities for Youth and Young Adults to gain experience for employment.

Contact Us:

Pyramid Community Development Corporation, (614) 614-259-7993